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China has built 30 ten million ton oil refining bases!

China's oil refining industry is developing towards large-scale units, refining and chemical integration and industrial cluster.  At present, nearly 30 ten million ton oil refining bases have been built and put into operation in China, accounting for about 45% of China's total oil refining capacity.  China's refining and chemical industry is entering an era of great changes in competitive diversification.

In general:

Private forces are speeding up to build an integrated refining and chemical industrial chain. Zhejiang Petrochemical refining and chemical project (phase I) is about to be completed and put into operation, Shenghong refining and chemical project is under construction, and SINOCHEM Xuyang refining and chemical project is about to start construction. The main business units planned the layout, orderly promoted the layout of refining and chemical industry, and orderly promoted the construction of several refining and chemical integration projects such as China Science and technology refining and chemical, CPC Guangdong petrochemical, Sinochem Quanzhou refining and chemical (phase II).

International giants seize the opening bonus and land in China's refining and chemical market. ExxonMobil, BASF and other wholly foreign-owned petrochemical projects are advancing in an orderly manner. Shell, SABIC and Saudi Aramco will cooperate with domestic petrochemical enterprises in the refining and chemical field. The transformation and upgrading of Shandong local refining, the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and the setting sail. For example, it is planned to lay out a large-scale integration project in Yulong island.

In response to the "Belt and Road" initiative, private petrochemical enterprises represented by Hengyi petrochemical and Hengyuan Petrochemical Company began to carry out refinery and petrochemical projects overseas, entered the international development stage and participated in international competition.

Previously, the Petrochemical Industry Planning and Layout Scheme formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission proposed to promote the development of industrial agglomeration and build seven world-class Petrochemical bases in Shanghai Caojing, Zhejiang Ningbo, Guangdong Huizhou, Fujian Gulei, Dalian Changxing Island, Hebei Caofeidian and Jiangsu Lianyungang. Last year, Dalian Hengli refining and chemical project continued to advance, several projects were settled in Huizhou, and each petrochemical base accelerated the progress and layout. It is estimated that by 2025, the refining capacity of the seven Petrochemical bases will account for 40% of the total national capacity.

In addition to these seven Petrochemical bases, Maozhan, Panjin and other petrochemical bases are also advancing in an orderly manner, and Shandong has also arranged ten million ton refining and chemical projects.